What happened?

On the evening of Wednesday, July 2, 2014 I lost my good friend, co-worker, mountain biking & commuting partner Sean Schacher. He had been out for a solo ride in the Moonrakers trail network, as he had done countless times before, when he suffered, from what we can tell, was sudden heart failure. He was found by 2 riders, but was unresponsive and could not be revived.

He left behind his wife Chantalle and their two beautiful young girls, Ryla & Tia. He also left behind a large extended family and an array of good friends and work mates who could not believe this healthy and skilled athlete could leave us this way. The most talented, humble, dedicated and good natured of men, Sean will be missed dearly by all who knew him.

What is the Schacher?

Sean and I had been riding trails around Golden since 1999. We would chat and chat and chat (as you do while out riding), and one thing we constantly bullshitted about was how to finally build the climbing trail that would take us from the town of Golden to the paraglider launch site on top of Mount 7.

A trail like this would enable us to access the freeride trails of Mount 7 without having to ride the long, boring gravel road climb and deal with the inevitable dusting that occurs when vehicles start heading up and down.

I had laid out several segments of this trail 15 years ago when we first started Mount 7 Psychosis. My hope was to one day make the Psychosis both a climbing and descending race, but I had never managed to get it much further than lines on paper and GPS data.

The idea laid dormant since, in the box of unfinished business that needed attending to. Sean and I had talked about this trail for as long as I can remember and we had, in the last few years, made concerted efforts to ride up and reacquaint ourselves with the old routes laid out and explore new ones. We had just started to come up with a plan....

With this in mind, when the Golden Cycling Club was looking for applicants to represent them at the upcoming 2014 Single Track 6 race, I jumped at the opportunity. I made a commitment to the club that I would do what I could to raise funds to make this trail a reality.

Now, with Sean's recent passing, I am more motivated than ever to do just that. This trail will be known as "The Schacher" in honor of Sean. I have now made it a priority to get this trail laid out, approved and open for use by July 2, 2015, the 1st year anniversary of his passing.

What can I do to help?

Your help would be greatly appreciated to make this trail a reality, either by donations of volunteer time for trail work or financial donations to contract the work to some of our local trailbuilding gurus. And of course we need funds for lumber, chainsaw gas, truck fuel,...

Please use the donate button to the right to make a donation of any amount directly to the Golden Cycling Club, who will administer the funds donated and keep them dedicated to the building of "The Schacher".

Ride in Peace Sean...
Jeremy Harris

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